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Plastogaz is an EPFL spin-off company based in Lausanne (CH) founded in 2020. Our strong knowledge in catalysis combined with molecular understanding of plastic compositions will lead us to develop tomorrow’s green processes. We are building a plastic to methane technology, wherein mixed, unsorted plastics can be transformed into grid-compatible methane.

Our vision

Plastic is an essential material in our society. Its excellent properties makes it a preferred material in many applications. Unfortunately, plastic consumption inevitably leads to plastic waste that can’t be recycled without high-tech catalytic solutions. Currently, plastic waste is seen as a burden, when it should be seen as a value. Our team aims at restoring plastic’s reputation by making it’s end of life clean, safe, and responsible.

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The Plastogaz™ process

We are developing a plastic to methane process enabled by catalysis. The process relies on a thermal hydrocracking process inspired by refinery, enabled by powerful catalysts. Today, treating heterogeneous waste is incredibly difficult because of the numerous components making up the feed. Tomorrow, thanks to the Plastogaz™ process, heterogeneous feedstocks will be converted into a single, ready-to-use molecule.

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Our services

Are you a technology provider in the area of pyrolysis or gasification ?

Our team understands the complexity of a pyrolysis/gasification operation. We can assist you in the development of customized catalytic solutions to improve the quality of your oils. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of catalysis.

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Are you looking for a solution for your waste streams ?

Our team has a 360° vision of the plastic waste value chain and the numerous solutions that exist. Choosing a solution is not easy. We are convinced that each waste has its own solution, and we are available to advise you. Together, let’s reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

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Meet our team

Felix Bobbink

Director, founder and member of the board

Felix holds a PhD in Chemistry from the EPFL. Together with Antoine, Felix manages the company. He develops the business and acts as the CEO. Besides Plastogaz, Felix loves to spend his free time with his family and he is also a football fan.

Antoine van Muyden

Director, founder and member of the board

Antoine holds a PhD in Chemistry from the EPFL. Together with Felix, Antoine manages the company. He develops the process and acts as the CTO. Besides Plastogaz, Antoine is dedicated to learning new skills in various applications.

Wei-Tse Lee

 Founder, COO

Wei-Tse holds a M. Sc. In Chemistry from Taïwan. His main role is in the laboratory, where he develops the catalysts and operates the protypes, where he continuously improves the overall efficiency of the process. Besides Plastogaz, Wei-Tse likes photography and loves to discover Switzerland with his wife.



Is a full professor at the EPFL with an extensive track-record in sustainable chemistry. In 2018 he received the European Sustainable Chemistry Award of the European Chemical Society for his research in this domain. His research has led to new products and processes. 

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