About us

Plastogaz is a technology company founded in 2020 that focuses on the development of new processes for the circular economy. Our team of experts has a 360 ° vision on the plastic value chain and we help our customers switch from a linear to a circular economy.


At Plastogaz, we maximize the potential of your materials. Get in touch with us to evaluate how we may help you reach your goals.

Our vision

Plastic is an essential material in our society. Its excellent properties makes it a preferred material in many applications. Unfortunately, plastic consumption inevitably leads to plastic waste that can’t be recycled without appropriate solutions. We believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution,  and we help our customers reach a win-win situation between profitability and sustainability.


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The Plastogaz™ process

The original Plastogaz technology transforms plastic waste into grid-compatible methane. The technology can be declined into other products for other markets. For instance, we can also transform mixed plastics into naphtha, which is used to produce plastics! Tomorrow, thanks to the Plastogaz™ process, heterogeneous feedstocks will be converted into a single, ready-to-use molecule.


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Our services

Techno-economic analysis of plastic chemical recycling processes

Our team understands the complexity of plastic recycling processes. We assist our customers in understanding what the best use is for their waste by setting up custom-made projects.


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A custom-made process for your product.

Our team has a 360° vision of the plastic waste value chain and the numerous solutions that exist. Choosing a solution is not easy. We are convinced that each waste has its own solution, and we are available to advise you. Together, let’s reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

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Meet our team

Felix Bobbink

Co-Founder & CEO

Felix holds a PhD in Chemistry from the EPFL. Felix develops the business and acts as the CEO, where he engages with customers, suppliers and investors. Besides Plastogaz, Felix loves to spend time with his family and play football.

Antoine van Muyden

Co-Founder & CTO

Antoine holds a PhD in Chemistry from the EPFL. Antoine is the CTO and develops the process where he engages with partners, suppliers and coordinates with the laboratory. Besides Plastogaz, Antoine is dedicated to learning new skills in various applications.



Is a full professor at the EPFL with an extensive track-record in sustainable chemistry. In 2018 he received the European Sustainable Chemistry Award of the European Chemical Society for his research in this domain. His research has led to new products and processes. 

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