Plastogaz’s technology platform enables the valorization of waste streams into circular feedstock for the chemical industry.

Our technology uses hydrogen and catalysts to optimize the production of high quality chemicals.

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Catalytic hydrocracking enables circularity

Catalytic hydrocracking is a chemical reaction, rather than a thermal decomposition process, which has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of the overall process. By utilizing a catalytic reaction, rather than relying on heat alone, our process requires less energy to operate. This results in reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint. Additionally, our technology can achieve higher yield of target products, making it an efficient and effective solution for converting waste into valuable resources for the circular economy.


At Plastogaz, we offer a range of technical evaluation services that can be leveraged to support your business in achieving its sustainability goals, including:

  • Technical evaluation of “hard-to-recycle” plastics used in your products.

  • Technical evaluation of waste stream using our technology platform.

  • Developement of new circular product such as LPG , aromatics or hydrocarbons >C10.

By leveraging our technical expertise and commitment to the circular economy, we can help you identify opportunities for improving sustainability within your business and enhancing the value of your products.

Use Case

Circular naphtha on spec for steam crackers

Steam cracking is a vital process within the petrochemical industry that converts hydrocarbons into essential chemicals used in the production of a wide range of products, including plastics and synthetic rubbers. To achieve optimal performance and minimize downtime, it is essential to use high-quality naphtha that meets strict purity and composition requirements.

We utilize our proprietary hydrocracking process to ensure that we meet these rigorous requirements. By using plastic waste as our feedstock, we are able to produce a reliable and efficient source of high-quality circular naphtha.

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