we focus on the development of catalytic processes for the transformation of alternative feedstock into value-added products.

Our hydrocracking technology consists in contacting a waste stream (e.g. Plastic waste) directly with a proprietary catalyst and hydrogen, converting it into circular feedstocks such as Circular Naphtha.

Catalytic processes require less energy input compared to conventional processes such as pyrolysis and gasification. In addition, a better control over the reaction leads to a higher yields and a products matching steam cracker specifications.

*Figure : Conceptual representation of waste valorization through hydrocracking

On spec naphtha production is possible with our process


Our knowledge can be leveraged for you

  • Technical evaluation of “hard-to-recycle” plastics used in your products.

  • Technical evaluation of waste stream using our technology platform.

  • Developement of new circular product such as LPG , aromatics or hydrocarbons >C10.

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