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Plastogaz was born in an academic institution and the Company’s primary focus is on the development of catalysts for the transformation of alternative feedstock into value-added products. Our hydrocracking technology consists in contacting a feedstock (e.g. Plastic waste) directly with a proprietary catalyst and hydrogen, in turn converting the feedstock into useful products such as Circular Naphtha.

*Figure : Conceptual representation of feedstock valorization through hydrocracking

The advantage of catalytic processes is that they consume less energy compared to their corresponding thermal process and that the selectivity can be controlled much better. This technology can substantially improve the Circularity Potential** for plastics.

At Plastogaz, we are committed to Science-based decisions and have conducted a preliminary LCA to understand the CO2 mitigation potential for this technology by comparing hydrocracking to incineration and pyrolysis.

**Circularity Potential: We define Circularity Potential as the possibility to turn food contact applications plastics back into food contact applications plastics. Conversion of plastics into fuels or lower quality materials is not considered under Circularity Potential according to this definition.

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